Bamboo fiber is the fifth largest natural fiber element after four natural fiber of cotton, hemp, silk, and wool.  It is bamboo cellulose extracted from raw bamboo.  Bamboo cellulose has special functions that above four nature fibers do not have.  In the industry, it is regarded as “The most promising healthy fabric in the 21st century”.  The special points as below:

1. Bamboo fiber has ecological conditions: The resource is renewable and reusable, under natural conditions, the fiber and textile waste can be 100% biodegradable and there is no pollution to the environment in the process of manufacturing and textile processing.
2. The growth period of bamboo is short, and it can become a material in 2-4 years.  It can be renewable resource, it does not require planting, irrigation, pesticides, or fertilization.  It is 100% natural organic plant and fully sustainable resource.
3. The cross-section of bamboo fiber is full of large and small elliptical pores.  Because of its unique horizontal structure and extremely fast moisture absorption/desorption rate, it is call a “breathing” fiber in the industry.
4. Negative ion emission concentration, usually the density concentration in urban park is 1000-2000cm3, the density concentration in suburban is 5000-50000cm3, and the concentration of bamboo fiber is 6800cm3.
5. Scientists discovered that there is a unique substance in bamboo which is named “Kun”, it has natural Anti-pupa, Anti-insect, and Anti-odor function.



It’s very importantly that bamboo has a sterilization function for Anti-bacterial: 0 hour of bacteria carrying index is 8.60 w 104, after 24 hours, the bacteria carrying index is 0.60 w 102, the sterilization rate is greater than 99.80%.  Meanwhile, bamboo fiber has Anti-ultraviolet function: the ultraviolet light transmittance of bamboo fiber is 60 per 10,000, the ultraviolet light transmittance of cotton is 2,500 per 10000, and the UV resistance of bamboo fiber is 41.7 times than of cotton.

New age of bamboo has significance for the entire textile industry.  The concept of green  has long been reflected in consumer psychology in Europe and western.  The Asia market is slightly inferior.  We call on all those who are passionate about environmental protection, the industry, and the education sector to become leaders in popularization of environmental protection concepts and Asia market.

Research on bamboo fiber has been popularized in many countries, and there are paper, research reports, test reports… etc.  If you want to know many aspects of the information, you only need type Keywords as “Bamboo Function Report”.  If you want to quickly see related Anti-bacteria and Anti-Ultraviolet effects, you may directly into “ResearchGate” website.