Introduce designer Adeline

Adeline Pui-Kwan Sung is the funder and designer of GREEN BY ADELINE®. She has been designer more than 35 years since her first fashion company at Hong Kong in 1986. Adeline the fashion is inseparable from her mother’s nurturing during her growth. Mother was established education for cutting and sewing classes for her students. In 1970s, her mother was customer Tailor.  Adeline started from remembering her cloths, it was always the envy point of people around. When Adeline was teenage, out of her passion for fashion, her mother taught Adeline entire fashion knowledge that from knowing all kinds of fabrics, cutting, sewing, including embroidery, weaving…Adeline Boutique mainline is Haute Couture, addition line is customer design such as students Prom or event Evening Gown; occasional for special design such as dance competition dresses, martial arts competition dresses, due to the develop of Eco-fashion, it was impassible to take care the line, therefore it was close on 2008.

Adeline’s fashion education was in Paris Fashion Institute at France and stylistic design in Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy.  Adeline was invited to be the uniform design team for 2010 China World Expo.

Adeline’s favorite activities are sports and arts since childhood, three months after entering elementary school, she was sent to Track and Field for professional training, until the end of her school days, her coach was Hu Hong Fei (胡鴻飛) that who is the China coach for Track and Field in Olympics.  Adeline likes martial arts very much.  She was entered the martial art school of Cheng Jin Cai (程進才), Cheng is the China’s 20th generation successor of Chen Style Tai Chi.  Adeline was won gold medals for single sword, double sword; single scimitar, and double scimitar, and she was represented U. S. Wushu team anticipated China’s The First World Traditional Wushu Festival.  Arts also is one of Adeline’s favorite. In early 90’s, Adeline saw innovation in traditional bonsai as a movement arts that it has miniature waterfall, river, and the mist surrounding the miniature mountain. The mist could clean air.  She decided from China import to western.  It was bring market attention including archaeologist Christopher Chu, he wrote the article in Arts of Asia as seven different languages of highly respected world elite magazine in the arts, the article is chase up the source of bonsai at Tang dynasty (A.D.618-907) … Artist Willy Wang (王維力) is Adeline’s sculpture teacher, Adeline was be with Willy Wang’s students set up Willy Wang Organization support USA citizen of Chinese artist Willy Wang (